Save the Red & Black!

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So y’all. You may or may not know that we’ve been hurting, in a money way, pretty much all summer. What you almost certainly do not know is that, if we don’t raise $5 G’s on or before August 14th, we will lose our building. Yep, you read it here first. So, please, dig deep and help us out. (***UPDATE*** after ‘Read More’!) Also, we will be closed indefinitely until we raise this money. At this point, it is better for the collective to use our time and energy to actively reach out for donations. We will open for any events and shows we already have scheduled. Please spread the word and look out for regular updates and info. What’s the best way to do that? Hover your pointer over the ‘Liked’ button under our name, then select ‘Get notifications.’ Red & Black Cafe UPDATE: Folks we’ve made about $4,000 toward our ultimatum amount of $5k! That’s incredible! If this keeps up we’ll hit our equally necessary $30k goal ASAP. But that means that we still need your help! Anything helps– especially including just sharing this. However, if you’d like to make a larger donation, please consider giving us a call at 503-231-3899. We can do it right over the phone, no problem, as well as answer any questions you may have. We also get to keep more of it… Thanks, so so much! , R&B ORIGINAL STATEMENT FROM APRIL: We’re excited to announce our new fundraising campaign, ***DEBTLESS, to handle outstanding debts incurred in purchasing the building 3 years ago! Please take a sec to check the  gofundme page, consider donating, and share the page to your friends! We can’t do this without your support, help us to stay open another 14 years! fundraising statement: “Just because I can’t change everything, doesn’t mean I can’t change anything.” -1905 We, the workers at the Red and Black Cafe, are seeking the assistance of our friends, larger community, and allied organizations. As you probably already know, we are the only worker-coop restaurant in Portland, and one of the longest running worker-owned co-op restaurants in the United States. We’re one of Portland’s few remaining all-ages venues. We are a welcoming, warm & dry space for Portland’s ever growing houseless community. We’ve been going strong for almost 14 years years, but right now we need your help. We’re reaching out our community first, because we sincerely believe that a community thrives best when it supports itself. Three years ago we reached out to our community to get help for the downpayment for our building, and the response was amazing! This went a long way toward ensuring that the Red & Black Cafe sticks around for the long run. While this did vastly improve our situation, we’re not out of the woods yet. Your donation is needed: not only to help the Red & Black cafe directly but, by extension, lots of other stuff. Stuff like: the nearby houseless community, who we welcome in our space & work with on neighborhood self-determination issues; the vegan/animal rights and other food-justice communities in Portland through our menu & sourcing; the social justice community by offering no/low cost space for meetings and events; the all-ages music scene in Portland, by maintaining a venue inclusive of folks at any age (with a strictly enforced safer space policy); the co-op community, by demonstrating a democratic workplace which is easily accessible; feminists; copwatch activists; and more. While a donation, either once or each month, is the best way to help us, you can even help if you’re strapped for cash! Here’s how: – Take a second to share this page! – Make a testimonial video, post, etc. explaining why the cafe is important to you!* – Take a gander at our wishlist of skills and goods that we need! In our pursuit of ***Flawlessness, we have 3 tiers of goals we’re trying to reach: ”Billz, Billz, Billz” – If we can reach the 12,500 mark, we would offset the days at the beginning this month we had to close for restructuring, maintenance and menu redesign. Our bills would be current, our inventory would be completely stocked, and we’d be slightly ahead on our mortgage. ”Crazy in Debt” – Tier 2 is the $30,000 mark. If we can hit this mark we can be ahead on our outstanding debts; many of which are individual lenders in the community, who could invest in other projects if repaid for their loans to the cafe. “Run the World (Workers)” – Beyond these goals, your donations help sustain our continued progress, support all the groups/efforts/projects that rely on us, allow us to expand our collective by adding new members into equitable and empowering collective positions (at a time when many in our community are looking for work and projects to plug into), and energize us to undertake the millions of amazing schemes/ideas/dreams we wish to enact in our (less-fucked) future! an arrow from Portland, speeding towards a heart from everywhere, the Red and Black Café <A3 *if you make a testimonial, supportive post, funny meme, whatever, tag us! Send it to us! We love all of youuu.

Stories from the Red & Black Cafe!

On October 15th, 2013 the Red & Black Cafe will be 13 years old! We’ve been through a lot and would love to share with you our history and some of our favorite stories. We also want to hear about your best moments at the cafe through out the years!

This will be a warm up event to get us excited for our Birthday Bash on October 18th! (details to be announced soon!)

Please, take a look at our birthday wish list. If you could donate any of these items to us, it would be greatly appreciated (this is an incomplete list!) ♥

Kitchen Items:
Convection Oven
Whipped cream dispenser
New seals for seltzer dispenser
New burrs for espresso grinder / seals for porta filters
Pour over coffee maker

Dinning Room Items:
New chairs
Folding chairs
Large amounts of velvet fabric, curtain rods & brackets
Track lighting (for art)

Bathroom Items:
Lockable toilet paper holder thing
In wall bathroom fan

Misc. Items:
Sticker paper
A marquee
Lumber, plywood, wood finish
Dimmable or regular compact flourescent light bulbs
(borrow) pressure washer
Conduit & wiring for outdoor lights

Labor we could use:
Sign painting skillz
Web development
Back massages