The Red and Black, founded in 2000, is a worker-owned cooperative restaurant and community space in Southeast Portland, Oregon. As a non-hierarchical and democratic workplace we are, in our own small way, living the dream of a world without bosses. We are proudly unionized with the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and are a closed shop, meaning all of our workers are union members. We also belong to the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

The Red and Black is a hub of radical activity; we host regular events by a variety of local, national and international social justice activists, authors, filmmakers and others. We always seek new ways to best support our community; a key part of that support is that we maintain a Safer Space — we strive to prioritize the safety and needs of people who are survivors of abuse and oppression, as well as those typically marginalized by the status quo.

We are dedicated to animal rights and environmental sustainability, and utilize as many organic, locally-sourced and fairly-traded ingredients as possible in our 100% vegan menu. Many of our goods and supplies are transported by bicycle.

Embracing direct worker empowerment through our collective model, we stand in solidarity with those who continue to struggle, fight and organize towards a more egalitarian workplace and liberated future for all.


Since 2000 the Red and Black has been dedicated to providing wholesome food and drink, event space, and a place for discussion for the adical community of Portland, Oregon and all of the Pacific Northwest. We would love to host you, your band, your authors, editors, organizers and educators!

Features of the Red and Black

  • Safer Space Policy: We strive to provide a community space that is safe and welcoming, and prioritize the needs of those typically marginalized by society.
  • Food & Drink: We boast a delicious, low-cost, entirely vegan seasonally-sensitive menu.  Our fair trade organic coffee and tea is provided by Equal Exchange and Mountain Rose Herbs, respectively.  We also carry a changing selection of local microbrews and Eva’s Herbucha on tap.
  • Community-Minded: The Red and Black is a union-shop with the Industrial Workers of the World and has deep roots within Portland’s radical, union, and social change communities.

What the Red and Black Can Offer

  • Comfortable Space: Our dining room acts as a sizeable meeting space with room to seat forty to sixty people. The restaurant and its bathroom are accessible to those patrons with different-abilities.
  • Amenities: We have a DVD player, projector, laptop and internet access for use during our events.  A table to sell books, literature and other merchandise will also be provided.
  • Donations / Sales: Most of the events we host are free or by donation. While there is no fee for booking your event at the Red and Black, we take 30% of money taken at the door for music shows.  Bands keep 70% of door sales and 100% of merchandise sales.  We do not take money from the door for benefits.
  • Receptive Audience: We are noted in and around the Portland community for engaging and interesting lectures, film showings, fundraisers and other events. Folks looking to connect with the progressive, radical and social change communities in the Northwest will certainly find a receptive audience here.
  • Location: We are conveniently located in central Portland, in a neighborhood that includes other progressive and cooperative businesses, and steps away from both public transportation and major bike arteries. Portland is a noted progressive community in the Pacific Northwest and perfectly situated for speakers and activists touring from around the country.
  • Promotions: We offer promotions through a number of channels including in-store outreach, email lists and social networking sites, community calendars, listings in alternative weeklys, community radio listings, as well as extensive flyering of community spaces and posters in strategic locations.
  • Informational and Promotional Material Distribution: In addition to providing event hosting, we seek to be an informational resource and space for promotional material distributions for radical publishers, periodicals and organizations. Include us in your mailing list and consider us a site for distributing information about your work.

The Red and Black hosts events nearly every night of the year.  Because our calendar is created and promotions begin a month ahead of time, we cannot accommodate last minute events.

To book an event with the Red and Black, please read our policies and fill out the Event Request Form.  If you have already filled out the form and wish to follow up, you can e-mail booking@redandblackcafe.com.  Your inquiry will be responded to within 72 hours.  For all of us at the Red and Black, we look forward to your visit and to hosting an event with you.

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