How To Use A Coupon At Check Out To Buy Your Mattress

The best way to save money when buying a new mattress is to use a coupon code. The most difficult part of this process is to find the right coupon at the right time, so that you can make your purchase when it suits you best. Applying the coupon at check out to buy your mattress is easy. We are going to explain you in a few words how to do it.

First of all, you should have your coupon at hand, so that you can fine it easily when the check out moment comes. If you add your mattress to the shopping cart and then spend hours to find your coupon, your session may expire and you may have to log into the site again. Most e-commerce websites remember the content of the shopping cart, but if you haven’t created an account, you may have to add your products again.

Furthermore, you have to make sure your coupon is still valid by the date you buy the mattress. Many people bookmark or store coupons without making a note of their expiry date. When they want to use these codes, they have the unpleasant surprise that their price doesn’t get lower, as their code is no longer valid. Avoid such situations by using your coupons as quickly as you can after you find them.


Before clicking on the payment button, take a look at the checkout page, in order to find the coupon code box. Some e-commerce websites have this box in the right sidebar, just under the total amount you’ll need to pay. Others may position their coupon code box elsewhere, to fit the layout and the style of their website. Anyway, don’t proceed with the payment before adding your code somewhere. Some websites may allow you to apply your discount coupon at the next stage of the process, after you click the check out button. In such cases, they usually mention this very clearly on the page, so that you know what you have to do to benefit from your discount.

If there’s no coupon box or message, you may want to open a ticket or to contact the customer service department to ask for guidance and instructions. They should be able to tell you how to use the coupon to get your mattress at the discounted price.

Once you apply the coupon, check whether the price has changed. This is very important, as it is your proof that you’re going to be charged the smaller amount. It is also a good measure to avoid using an expired coupon without noticing that. Not all websites that accept coupons warn their users whenever an expired one is applied to their shopping cart. In such situations, it is very easy to overlook the fact that nothing has changed after using the coupon.

This is how you can use your coupon to get the discount at check out when you shop for mattresses. Be organized and careful, and everything is going to be just fine.

Key Reasons Why Mattresses are Expensive

Let’s face it. Mattresses are so expensive and there are many reasons why this is the case. In this article, we are going to look at the major reasons why mattresses are very expensive. So, without further ado, here are the reasons why mattresses are so expensive:

Mattress Industries Pay Their Employees Commission Based salaries

As a result, highly incentive employees of the mattress industries sell the most expensive mattress to earn a big paycheck and the mattress industry that employed him or her also earns a lot as the profit margin in the mattress industry is among the highest in the furniture industry. Source:

There Is No Second-Hand Market for Mattresses

Unlike other things such as TVs, smartphones, and cars, mattresses have no second-hand market. This is because of various reasons including the fact that it can be very unhygienic to use a second-hand mattress. This, therefore, makes mattresses more expensive than other items in the market as you will have to buy a new mattress.

There Are Few Mattress Ingredient Suppliers

These few suppliers face no major competition and price their ingredients the way they want. This has made ingredients used to make mattresses expensive hence making mattresses so expensive.

If there could be many ingredient suppliers in the market, the price of mattresses could be lower as the manufacturers also have to make a profit and the only way of doing this is by increasing the cost of the mattresses they produce. This cost is passed down to the consumer making mattresses so expensive.

We Buy Mattresses When We Need Them Not When We Want Them

The fact that we buy mattresses when we need them and not when we want them makes buying a mattress a last minute purchase. This cannot be said of other things such as cars. Many people will start looking for a new mattress when their old mattress is no longer comfortable as it used to be when it was still new. Most of us go shopping for a mattress when our mattress makes us lose sleep.

Since a mattress is a necessity, their prices are so high because you have to buy a new mattress when you really have to buy one. People also don’t buy mattresses every day, month or year and only buy mattresses after more than 5 years unless if necessary. Therefore, retailers have to sell their mattresses at a higher price to make more money as this is not something that is bought every day.

We Cannot Check What Is Inside a Mattress before Buying It

What this means is that we cannot find out about the quality of mattresses in the market. Mattress manufacturers protect their formulas and don’t release information about their mattress formulas.

Since this is a secret, a mattress manufacturing company can price the mattresses they produce at any price they wish hence making mattresses expensive. In fact, there is a limited number of online sources to help consumers understand what is inside their mattresses and have to bear with the cost.