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5 Ways To Improve Your Chicago SEO Right Away

User-friendly websites, which have high usability are usually rewarded by the search engines. Google favors keyword rich sites as well as those that demonstrate user engagement. If visitors stay on your website longer, repeat their visits, and view more pages, your SEO ranking will improve.

1. Quality, Relevant, Useful Content

The amount of time that visitors spend on your website is known as “dwell time” and is an SEO ranking factor. Offering quality and useful content on your website translates to visitors staying on your website for longer to consume the information and ultimately increase the dwell time. 2,000 to 2,500 words is the ideal content length according to research for the highest ranking in the search engine results. Word count is not the only important factor in SEO because nobody will consume your content if it does not offer value. The good thing about longer content is that it gives you the chance to include more keywords, include more outbound links, offer more value, and get visitors to commit more time reading to increase the dwell time. You should also aim to create highly useful content because when people bookmark it on Chrome, you will enjoy a boost in your Google ranking.

2. Page Load Speed

Bing and Google both use page load speed as a ranking factor. Visitors may leave your website if they have to spend additional time even just a few seconds for pages to load. This can affect your dwell time, reduce the number of pages viewed, and increase the bounce rate ” all which could translate to a lower SEO ranking. You can increase the page load speed in a variety of ways including optimizing the image sizes, reducing the number of redirects, using fewer plug-ins, ensuring that code is streamlined and clean, and using caching plug-ins. Research shows that you can increase the conversion rate by using good quality images. Optimizing your images properly can help you take advantage of photos to improve a visitor’s experience, increase trust, and generate empathy without inhibiting the page load time, which has the power to affect SEO rankings. Our tip for you would be to aim at the fast speed. Google will only love your website and you will be rewarded in the end.

3. Image Files Names

You can also ensure that images work hard for you on the SEO front in other ways besides image sizing and file format.You signal the relevancy of your content to the search engines using keywords for the caption, description, title, alt tag, and image file name.


4. Header Tags

Nobody loves running into a wall of text. Properly formatting your content helps to improve the user experience of your website tremendously. It makes your readers more willing to take the time to read your content and even come back for more, ultimately signaling your relevancy to the search engines. Using header tags correctly helps break up content into readily utilizable and readable sections. To improve the user experience and by extension the SEO ranking you can easily insert header tags in WordPress.


5. Outbound Links

To ensure that content is more relevant and useful. You should link out to authority websites for more in-depth information that your readers can easily use. Linking out to highly respected authority sites increases the relevancy of your content and a number of time visitors spend on your website and sends trust signals to the search engines and ultimately improve your SEO ranking. Still, more is not always better. Having too many outbound links can be a distraction and can make your content harder to navigate.

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Keeping The Right Professional Attitude For The Google SEO Algorithm Update

Are you concerned about the upcoming Google algorithm update? Well, don’t panic! It’s understandable to be a bit stressed out, but it’s best to keep a level head. One thing that must be accepted is that an exact list of what’s going on with the current algorithm is never going to fall into our laps. To get into a frenzy over things that we can only discover naturally anyway is a complete waste of time.

It’s also useful to look at the recent update to Penguin! There was some information shared by Google regarding their changes to Penguin with version 4.0. They made sure to utilize the Google Webmaster Central Blog to clue people in. The discussed changes include the fact that Penguin is now real time, as well as more granular. Despite many other adjustments being present, the effort to not leave everyone in the dark is admirable.

It’s best just to wait and see how these things play out before becoming too reactive. If you relax rather than panicking, you’ll be in a better state of mind when it comes to handling the hand
being dealt. It’s tempting to try and get all of the changes made to suit your website to the algorithm as soon as possible, but there are too many inherent unknowns at the moment. It’s best to take a look at how your site may have been impacted once more information comes through. After all, if your search engine optimization strategy was already working for you, it’s likely that you’re not going to see any immediate negative impact. In fact, your traffic may even improve!

Google is obviously on a constant push to make their products even better for their audience. That’s the whole purpose of the regular algorithm shifts in the first place. It keeps webmasters on their toes, and always striving to improve their content. You shouldn’t look at it from a perspective of being messed with somehow. Google values the impact of well-crafted professional SEO company. They just want to make sure that they cut down on any practices that cheat the system via spam or “black hat” methods.

How your website’s traffic will be affected by the impending algorithm update may take a few days or even weeks. It’s best to take stock of your current statistics and then compare them to the results you see a few weeks out. Obviously, any change for the worse can then be adjusted.

The Importance Of Credible Sources

One of the most important things that anyone has to keep in mind is the sources. Having great sources will determine if you will have a great company or not. When you are making any decisions keep this picture in mind.

Now that you know to keep a level head, it’s important to consider the best possible sources for information after the change. Knowing how to get started with any necessary modifications can present quite a challenge. That said, there’s no greater place to turn to than the Google Webmaster Blog. You should be sure to pour over every post. There’s sure to be useful hints helping suss out exactly what the update may have changed. You should be able to pinpoint any points of contention within your website right away. If you’re still starved for info from there, you should also turn to Search Engine Land. Their staff and contributors are always very much on the pulse of SEO, so you know they’ll be all over the ins and outs of the algorithm change.

Finally, it may be useful to consider what happened with Possum in another recent update. Possum deals with local search engine optimization, especially in the removal of spam. Google never really said much about their update to it in the Webmaster Blog, but there were enough changes to cause quite an uproar from several webmasters.