2 Tips To Help Your Improve Your Current Rankings

Some SEO experts have used dishonest means in an attempt to trick Google into giving them high rankings in the search results. They have done this through using tactics like Black Hat SEO to try to fool Google. These activities are not encouraged by Google, and they are continuously fine tuning their search algorithms to get rid of those types of practices.

The primary objective of Google is to make sure that it is always delivering relevant search results for users that they also find to be timely and exciting. If they don’t continue to do this, then many people might stop using Google and their search engine which would threaten the $30 billion in revenues that it earns from search advertising. Google is also faced with competition from fast-growing social platforms like Facebook that are providing indirect alternatives to Google (there are constant rumors that Facebook is building a social search engine of its own). So if Google doesn’t keep delivering then its entire existence could be threatened by extinction.

1. Unique Content

Google loves unique and great content. Curation and content creation have risen in importance as a valuable marketing tool over the past couple of years. The web is used by people to find information, which is why Google values unique content so highly. Creating great content that is just begging to be shared like ebooks, blog posts and videos has a significant side benefit as well. This advantage is that individuals will link to your blog or website and therefore Google gives you major points in its search engine algorithms the more often some backlinks point back to your site and blog from other respected websites.

That is where the offsite optimization tactic starts to become famous make its presence felt. It is something that should be incorporated into your SEO strategy. It is the final phase of getting Google to favor your site.

2. Off-page Optimization

In general, SEO expert agrees that off-page link building contributes around 65% of any SEO campaign’s effectiveness. Building links or off-page optimization is the most significant activity by far that you can do to help get your website highly ranked within the search engines. Backlinks are the key driving force behind this.

A backlink refers to a link that is clicked on to be taken to a different page. Backlinks are critical since they are votes for your webs pages that let the search engines that know that other websites like and use your page to get information from. The more sites that vote or link to your web pages, the higher your rankings are going to be. However, not all votes carry the same weight. Some links from major websites, such as facebook.com, amazon.com or australia.gov.au are going to be more valuable than ones coming from lesser known sites.